From 6 December 2018 it became a legal requirement for all solicitors practices to publish on their website basic pricing information relating to some particular types of the legal services. The chosen list of legal services that the Solicitors Regulatory Authority requires pricing information to be published for includes residential house sales and purchases, some employment tribunal hearings and administering the estate of someone who has died. On the relevant department  pages you will find details for a range of estimated costs that may apply if we were instructed to provide one of the legal services on the list.

However, it is important to remember that the pricing information provided is a general guide; each client’s legal matter is different and so your particular requirements or circumstances may alter the estimated cost. Our costs are usually based on the time spent by the person who has conduct of the matter, and their relative level of seniority. This can mean that costs are higher than average if it requires more senior input, or if the matter is more straightforward and takes less time than on average, our costs may be lower.

If you are interested in obtaining a more bespoke quote please call us on 01524 846 846  to allow one of our specialist legal team to guide you through our services and the charges which are likely to apply.  Once we have spoken to you  we will be in a better position to give you a more accurate cost estimate. If you decided to proceed we will send you our Terms of Engagement which will set out the scope of our instructions and the likely costs, allowing you the opportunity to reflect on the work required and the costs involved before formally engaging us.

We believe that the personal service given to our clients is as important as our legal assistance and you will find that wherever possible the team member you speak to when you first contact us will be the person who is by your side until the conclusion of your matter, allowing for a personal and tailored service to be given.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.