A divorce, although difficult and problematic in all walks of life, can be particularly complicated when a farming business is involved. Farming businesses, often passed through generations and owned by numerous family members can make the division of assets for matrimonial purposes more challenging than in most cases. Farms often involve complex business structures and any sale or close of business may impact on third parties as well as those connected to the divorce.

Our experienced lawyers in the family department understand the intricacies of farming businesses and understand how they are structured and run on a daily basis. With their expert knowledge, our experienced lawyers can work with you to come up with a financial agreement to try, as best as possible, to preserve the farming business, whilst providing for children and both spouses involved.

Our family lawyers are committed to providing options to resolve matters. We offer collaborative law which provides for face to face meetings with both parties and their solicitors to attempt to reach a settlement, with a complete commitment not to litigate. There are also the options of negotiations via solicitors or attending mediation which allows you and your spouse to talk through the issues that have arisen within your marriage with a third party and attempt to come to an amicable solution and financial settlement. If court proceedings are necessary we will be there to support you through the entire process and we will endeavour to achieve the most favourable outcome possible for you.

If you are having marital difficulties and you are concerned about the effects it may have on your farming business, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Family Department on 01524 846846.