GDPR 6 months on.

The general data protection regulation (GDPR) was introduced on 25 May this year. As often seems the way, the implementation date was brought in with a lot of noise (some would say hype or even scare tactics) about how the regulations would affect virtually every business. Seminars, courses and
articles area bounded, often trying to sell services and help.

Nearly 6 months on, what have been the results of implementation? Numerous privacy policies have been written, some of which may even have been read. A lot of time, effort and in some cases, money has been spent on data protection issues.

GDPR has been broadly good for most people and businesses. On a practical level, most of us will receive far fewer unwanted and unsolicited emails. From a consumer/client point of view, we are more aware of data, its value, and how much of it is stored on us. The fact that Google moved any data from Ireland that it did not need to hold within the EU shows how much data it was holding for purposes that weren’t (and to be fair, still aren’t) clear.

For most businesses, it is fair to say that it hasn’t had a major impact on how they operate on a day to day basis because many of the principles behind GDPR are reasonable. It has given many businesses a pause for thought to consider why data is collected and held.

For a few businesses it will have had profound effects, but I suspect that by and large, these will be the businesses we as a society wanted to be affected.

If you are grappling with data protection issues, your local chamber is a good place to contact for unbiased assistance or sign posting.

For more information visit the Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce website here