In light of the current circumstances, please be reassured that we are here for you from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday either over the phone or online, If you need to speak to us please contact our Private Client Team on 01524 846846 and pressing 1 or via one of our direct dials or emails on the Legal Team page.

In normal circumstances, we would have a face to face meeting with you to discuss your Will. This is important as it is the best way to ensure that:

  • We correctly interpret your wishes;
  • You have the mental capacity to make the Will, you understand the decisions that you are making and to ensure that no one is pressuring or influencing you into making particular gifts in your Will, that you are uncomfortable with making in case anyone should ever challenge your Will.

All our lawyers are now working remotely and are set up to advise you over the telephone, over email or via a video conference. Our lawyers have the technology and expertise to offer advice on how to reduce the likelihood of a challenge or resist a challenge to your Will if it is made and to ensure we can offer you the same service as before.

Currently, it is the law that you must sign your Will in the presence of two witnesses present at the same time (witnesses cannot benefit from the Will or be the spouse of anyone benefiting from the Will). Both the witnesses are then required to sign the Will in your presence. In light of the current ban on non-essential travel and social distancing, this may pose a problem.

The law for signing Wills has been in place for hundreds of years and is unlikely to change due to concerns relating to Wills being challenged. It is, however, possible that temporary measures may be put in place.

Our lawyers can advise on the best way of making sure your Will is properly and legally signed and are keeping up to date with the latest guidance from the courts and our professional bodies. Within our team we have specialists who are STEP Qualified (the leading professional organisation in this area) and Members of Solicitors for the Elderly (a specialist solicitors group for assisting older clients).

Please contact one of our team to discuss the best method for you and to find out how we can help you.