Agricultural relationships often needs sympathetic understanding and management. We have looked after generations of farming families, helping them pass the farming business down from generations, ensuring that continuity and succession is achieved.

Provided that families are properly advised and a plan is well thought through, farming businesses can successfully carry on into the future. We advise clients how to bring children into a partnership in a way that gives security for the new generation and allows for the security of the retiring generation. We couple this with applied thought relating to the management of the affairs of family members that are not farming and we can advise families in preparing a tailor made plan that will look after your family from the retirement of one generation to the birth of the next. Well thought out structures help prevent disputes within families and whilst a well planned partnership won’t stop divorce, it may help minimise disruption by providing a clear understanding of what was agreed at the start. We can provide expert help with all aspects of farming partnerships including:

  • Farm partnership agreements
  • Agricultural Succession Planning including Wills Trusts & Probate
  • Taxation issues
  • Farm diversification


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